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8MP 4K-Coaxial VF Dome Security Camera

8MP 4K-Coaxial VF Dome Security Camera

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    • 4x Optical Zoom & 20x Digital Zoom

      This security camera has digital zoom available when used with our security DVR recorders and is actually useful for HD security cameras with resolutions of 1080P and higher. Because of the higher the resolution of the camera and the better the quality of the digital zoom, 4K resolution security footage is the most detailed.

      Optical zoom provides the best quality of zoom as it is like using a pair of binoculars to see farther away. With optical zoom cameras, the lens inside the camera actually needs to move to provide zoom.

      While digital zoom can be done after video has been recorded, optical zoom needs to be executed or set in live video at the actual moment the incident of interest happens.

    • 2.8mm-12mm Varifocal lens

      A 2.8~12mm Manual Zoom Varifocal Lens offers much more flexibility than cameras with a fixed lens and allows you to adjust the angle of view between 125 degrees to 27 degrees.

      A smaller lens value shows a shorter viewing distance with a wider field of view angle; a larger lens value allows for a further viewing distance but a narrower field of view angle.

    • IP66 Weatherproof Rating

      An IP66-rated security camera has a rugged design and durable construction that’s rated for general outdoor use. An IP66-rated camera offers excellent performance even in harsh conditions such as: Dust storms, Wind, rain, sleet, even blowing snow. What performance specs can you count on from an IP66 standardized rating? You can count on an IP66 to provide the following:

      Level 6 Dust Protection: The highest level of dust protection, with no intrusion of dust whatsoever permitted.
      Level 6 Water Protection: The third-highest level of water protection, impervious to precipitation or hose-directed water streams, blow

    • Excellent Day and Night Vision

      GW’s high-quality LEDs allow these HD IP cameras to see up to 80ft in complete darkness for 24-hour-a-day protection. GW Cameras use the latest high intensity IR LED technologies for maximum coverage. The image shown is an actual capture from a 4K camera in total darkness.

      IR range and image quality can be affected by surfaces that absorb or reflect the IR light differently when in total darkness. Camera location or position may need to be adjusted to optimize the images. Some ambient lighting provides the best results for night surveillance